A Glimpse of Dongshan—Xinhepu Culture Experience Street

The total area is 62.86 hectares with 47.54 hectares of core preservation area and 15.32 hectares of development control area

Industry positioning:

BG视讯town of revolution origin and heroes, china’s famous town of overseas chinese, town of diverse cultural heritages, “high-quality life circle favorable for living, business and tourism” in the guangdong-hong kong-macau greater bay area


xinhepu is guangzhou's largest modern architecture group with low-rise courtyard design combining both chinese and western styles. there are five gardens scattering here: kui garden, spring garden, jian garden, ming garden and yuan garden. x i n h e p u a l s o b o a s t s 11 p l a c e s w i t h unmovable cultural relics, 25 places with historical architecture and 266 places with traditional architecture elements. it is also home to famous century-old schools such as pui ching middle school and no.7 middle school. xinhepu also converges artistic cultural spaces such as museums and galleries as well as boutique stores and gyms that showcase international fashion trend. a quality art life community featuring serenity, exquisite interior design and wonderful experience activities has taken shape. in 2019, guangzhou dongshan xinhepu historical and cultural district revitalization project won the asian urban landscape award of un habitat.


Key enterprises:

BG视讯dongshan department store, local landscape.

Carrier construction:

BG视讯over 400 western-style buildings with an area of over 100 thousand㎡.




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