National-level Beijing Road Culture Industry Demonstration Zone

The total planned area is about 4.2 square kilometers, among which the main area (the start of Beijing Road Culture-Oriented Core Area) covers 3.2 square kilometers

Industry positioning:

the world excellent tourist destination, simultaneous construction of three zones--national cultural industry demonstration zone, national culture and finance cooperation demonstration zone and one of the national first batch of pedestrian street renovation pilots.


BG视讯the zone adheres to the integration of culture with tourism, commerce and trade, science and technology and finance, focuses on the development of leading industries such as smart cultural tourism, animation and game, creative design, film and television; cultivates emerging industries such as digital culture, ai + culture and 5g + culture; innovates

BG视讯upgrading industries such as intangible cultural heritage, media and publishing; strengthens supporting industries such as cultural finance and intellectual property. it actively builds a cultural exchange platform for the bay area, enhances key cultural activities such as canton temple fair, canton cultural tourism carnival and guangzhou

jazz music festival, and constructs a cultural and humanistic core area in the bay area.

Key enterprises:

alpha animation, comicsfans culture, southern publishing and media, zhujiang

BG视讯film, guangzhou daily, scihead intellectual property etc.

Carrier stock:

17 buildings of billion yuan level.







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