Haizhu Square Culture and Finance CBD

A total area of about 68 hectares, aims to build a cosmopolitan culture and finance CBD, a core commercial district of international consumption center city, and a demonstration zone of new vitality for the old city

Industry positioning:

cultural creative industry, finance and similar financial sector, high-end business services.


haizhu square, changdi and civil financial street will be built together to promote the industrial connection. the five major focuses include: modern business and trade industry group to promote the professional market upgrading and transformation of yide road commercial district, and turn haizhu square subway station into a comprehensive c o n s u m p t i o n c ir c l e i n t e g r a t i n g s h o p p i n g , entertainment, recreation, food and tourism; develop financial industry group, with guangzhou lumina, lifeng guangpeng, wanling square, guangzhou hotel, hotel landmark canton and binbin square as the main carriers and focusing on the planning of“one core leading, five areas cooperating” industrial space structure; develop cultural and creative industry group, introduce cultural and creative industry enterprises or headquarters by relying on highsun binbin square and guangzhou hotel; develop tourism and leisure industry group, accelerate landscape and leisure supporting construction along the river, promote construction of a number of leisure hotels, and create new riverside landmarks with cultural, tourism, business, leisure and other functions; develop science and technology-driven innovation and entrepreneurship group, promote lifeng guangpeng to construct the financial science and technology mansion and propel the combination of science and technology innovation with finance.

Key enterprises:

icbc guangzhou, guangzhou port group, highsun, tencent intelligent agriculture project, shenzhen stock exchange guangzhou base, henderson land group, emperor entertainment group limited etc.

Carrier stock:

completed floorage of 1,471,000㎡, and newly built area of over 500,000 ㎡.



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