Liuhua Modern Commercial District

Industry positioning:

clothing wholesale trade distribution center with the largest scale and the highest turnover in china, encourages business model innovation, vigorously develops international exhibition, urban commerce, fashion industry, livestream e-commerce, and creates a modern commerce and trade center.


BG视讯with yuexiu international exhibition center and the 200 thousand square meters of liuhua exhibition hall as the core carriers, join hand with the global second largest exhibition and conference organizing company gl events to build city complex by international standards and featuring boutique and professional exhibitions. by taking advantage of livestream + and internet+, it will build a livestream e-commerce bases of baima, jindu and guang'an mansion, and explore the integration of professional market and multi industry. promote the development of professional market to transform towards e-commerce, branding, internationalization, exhibition and trade-type and headquarters-type, and build an“online approval base” for commodities; promote the establishment of fashion industry alliance, introduce fashion activities and brands such as guangdong fashion week, tangde film and television, gather fashion formats such as consumer entertainment, urban life, and

create a modern business and fashion life area.

Key enterprises:

guangzhou city construction investment, baima clothing market, hongmian international fashion town, yuexiu zhiao etc.

Carrier stock:

BG视讯a coverage of 8 square meters.


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