Huaguoshan Characteristic Town of Ultra HD Video Industry

One of Guangzhou's“one nuclear, five bases and ten towns”, second batch of “Internet plus” towns in Guangdong, and the world's Ultra HD video industry conference venue.

Industry positioning:

new generation of i n f o r m a t i o n t e c h n o l o g y c h a r a c t e ri s t i c industries (ultra high definition film and television, animation, e-sports), ultra high definition industry digital content production.


BG视讯focusing on the development of 5g+4k/8k industry, it launched the construction of a number of key industrial platforms, such as the ultra hd video cloud rendering platform, the 5g+4k/8k exhibition experience center of huaguoshan, the ultra hd studio, etc., built a global ultra hd video demonstration center, and implemented a number of infrastructure and ecological environment projects.

Key enterprises:

BG视讯guangdong southern ultra hd broadcast production co., ltd., bu'er creation (guangzhou) investment co., ltd., taihe (guangzhou) film and television media co., ltd., guangdong keshili technology co., ltd., guangdong zhongzhi future education technology co., ltd., guangzhou ultra hd industry alliance promotion association, etc.

Carrier stock:

BG视讯the planned total area of the town is about 190 hectares. the planned industrial space of 380,000㎡ and the property of 650,000 ㎡ old village can be used to introduce new industries and supporting services, and drive the transformation and upgrading of the regional industrial structure.


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