National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone—Huanghuagang Science and Technology Park

A planned area of over 1,500 mu(over 100 hectares), to construct into Guangzhou's core of world-class innovation economy

Industry positioning:

ai+ high-end r&d+ capital investment+ industrial cluster and mass maker space+ incubator+ accelerator.


BG视讯introduce top scientists and high-end innovation teams in the field of artificial intelligence, focus on the development of cutting-edge theory and application technology, promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence technology with industry and capital, build a domestic leading industrial interconnection and intelligent manufacturing demonstration platform, and create an artificial intelligence industry ecosystem integrating multi-functional resource aggregation, production, education and research, achievement transformation and capital investment.

Key enterprises:, one animation, gomo, wework, comicfans culture.

Carrier stock:

49 cooperative parks with an operation area of 1.69 million square meters.




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