Yuexiu National Sports Industry Demonstration Zone

Industry positioning:

four characteristics of “sports + culture”, “sports + finance”, “sports + internet” and “sports + tourism”, and has built an influential sports industry cluster in guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area.


focus on the development of sport performance, fitness and leisure, sports venue services, sports intermediary services, sports training and education, sporting goods and other industries, attract more well-known olympic champions and world champions to settle in yuexiu after retirement, strengthen cultural innovation, animation, e-sports and other industries to cooperate and innovate to build a comprehensive sports service platform, introduce more well- known events at home and abroad, and enrich the pearl river gallery's sports tourism experience. tap deep into the historical and cultural heritage and characteristic resources, promote sports leisure, sports culture and exhibition projects to gather, make the sports industry a new driving force for the economic innovation and development of yuexiu, guangzhou and even the bay area, and promote the sports division and cooperation as well as industrial benefit sharing within the bay area.

Carrier stock:

BG视讯with 3k m2 around ersha island as the core, build a number of key project platforms for“sports + culture” and “sports + digital” industry integration: “wenlifang sports industry demonstration center”, “digital physical fitness evaluation and training center”, “plg guangzhou e-sports life center”, “yuexiu sports tourism digital intelligent service platform” and “south china digital sports industry incubation platform” to integrate the sports industry resources and gives full play to the industrial agglomeration effect.



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